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The Grade 3 Students of Our High School Department Returned to School Safely and Smoothly

The sun was shining with the breeze blowing. Warm beams of light cast to the teaching building. There were more specks of lights in the classrooms. The dust on the desks and chairs fled away. The fragrance of books was left, stirring the youth up. In such a good time, our students came back.



On Apr.27th, the Grade 3 students of our high school department returned formally. At around 6 at the school front gate, you could see the staff in white lining up in a row. The community’s epidemic prevention staff were in red vest, being on the alert. Principal Huang Jianhang, vice principal Xiao Shengsheng and Lu Shuhong, vice principal of Sanitation and Health Cheng Xiaoqun, teachers of Grade 3 and our school’s medical workers had already waited by the side. The community’s “three people team” came to school early to conduct inspection and provide guidance. Street epidemic prevention workers and the traffic police also stood by with warm hearts and raised their heads with expectation. All the workers tried their best to protect the teachers and students well.



What were the warm moments on campus on the first day of students’ returning to school? Let’s go to look for the stories of returning to school in spring of 2020.


At 7:00

Strengthen the joint prevention and control, keep the students’ safety together.



At around 7 o’clock, the quiet campus became lively. Grade 3 students of high school department took their luggage and entered the school one by one. On the day before the opening of school, our school had collected all the health cards and travel green codes from the Grade 3 students and their family members. Some students arrived ahead of time. “I’m so excited. Finally I come back. I worried about being late, so I come here early.”



The students queued up orderly and passed four stages of prevention and protection strictly. They stepped on the antiseptic carpet, walked through the temperature-testing channel, disinfected their luggage and hands. Then they went back to their dorms according to a certain route. The whole process was completed in order in the guidance of their teachers.



With the principle of returning in batches and in segments, there was no occurrence of lining up in crowds on the first day of returning to school. Everyone walked inside orderly and went through the elevated hall keeping a certain distance from each other. The propaganda display screen was playing “the method of washing hands with 7 steps” and other epidemic prevention knowledge. In the playground, it was familiar for them to look up at the old teaching building.



The dormitory teachers downstairs had already waited there. The students got the forehead temperature measurement again. Under the lead of the teachers, they found their own dorms.



 “You did a good job for the first stage of students’ returning to school. They were in good order.” The personnel from the joint prevention unit who came to inspect and guide the work said.






At 8:15

The ceremony for returning to school: Today of yours will be the tomorrow of our motherland.



At 8:15, a special “returning ceremony” was formally held. The students stayed in the classroom and attended the flag-rising ceremony through watching live broadcast. The flag-bearers were in high spirit. Coming back under the familiar national flag, they stood there solemnly and waved the flag to the blue sky with eyes looking up persistently and firmly.



“Being students in Grade 3, we are busy having a round of review for the coming final test. We have arranged a full winter vacation plan.” Student Wu Rongsheng in Class 1701 gave a speech under the national flag and reviewed the high emotion of classmates before the outbreak of COVID-19. He shared that the pandemic was caught off guard which was a special “practical lesson” in his life. He talked about the thought of teenagers with the theme of reviewing the touching emotion and expecting the future.



Wu Rongsheng said that their teachers’ actions made them feel much warm and moved during the pandemic. In the mid-term of the on-line teaching, some teacher provided specific tutor for different students after class with the theory of teaching according to their aptitude. Some teachers utilized their rest time to offer advanced class and basic class for the students. So they could help the backward students to complement their basic knowledge and the excellent students to make progress.



He said that although they could not meet the teachers, their teachers’ constant care, psychological tutor, psychological lectures and the fuel of energy from the principals had helped them clear the psychological obstacles away and have full motive power and confidence.


“We are so grateful to our teachers’ actions. During the last stage of preparation for the college entrance exam, we’ll tried our best and studied hard.”



The Grade 3 students are busy preparing for the college entrance exams. In the first special lesson of reopening school, Principal Huang sent a “large school-returning gift package” to the students to inspire them to proceed with the speech theme of “Today of yours and the tomorrow of motherland”.



In the speech, principal Huang shared the touching anti-epidemic stories one by one to make the students feel the united power of Chinese nation.

Grade 3 students of our high school department went through the first day of returning to school smoothly. Our school leaders held meetings for the work of arranging students to return to school many times. They tried to perfect every detail in the hope of providing the students with safe and pleasant campus life. The second batch and the third batch of students will come back to school soon. All the staff of our school will keep guard.

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