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Report of the Workshop on Students’ Mental Health Education

“Guard the students’ safety. Mental health is as important as physical health.” On May 14th, our school held a meeting on the theme of students’ mental health education. In the meeting, a leading team of our school on psychological prevention and a working team of mental health education were formally set up.


Principal Huang Jianhang and vice principal Lu Shuhong took the role of team leader and deputy team leader respectively. The director of students’ affairs office served as the working team leader. And the deputy director of the students’ affairs office Qu Lan served as the deputy team leader.


From the outbreak of COVID-19, our school highly concerned about the health of the staff and students. The mental health education for the students had not been neglected. Director Liu Huawu gave a report about the series of work on mental health in our school.


Principal Huang stated that during the pandemic there were many students’ extreme psychological events which called for the attention of all the staff. He advised that the first lesson for the returning vocational students should be in the theme of “respecting life” and help the students learn to cherish their life and grow healthily.


Then, principal Huang put forward some requirements for the teachers at attendance.


First of all, we ought to enlarge our knowledge of and pay great attention to students’ mental health education. In his opinion, respecting life is the starting point of education. “Education means nothing without life. Scores are not worth mentioning in the face of life.”


Second, implement the responsibility and form joint power. Principal Huang hoped that our school’s mental health education could form joint power and build up psychological safe fortress with the cooperation of the leading team and working team.


Third, increase the concern about three groups of key people. Principal Huang stressed that the third batch of students were going to return to school so we could not relax on the concern about the three groups of key people. We should give more concern and care to those students whose family had encountered big changes like serious relationship between the children and their parents, over stress on study and having difficulty economically.


At last, principal Huang emphasized that the head teachers should continue to strictly implement the requirements of provincial and municipal education bureaus about mental health education: strengthen the communication between families and school, enforce students’ mental health prevention, early-warning mechanism and make teaching plans according to the rules. He specially pointed out that students were in the adapting stage two weeks before they returned to school so the design of teaching tasks should be appropriate to let the students go through the study buffer stage.

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